Jacobs Equity is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) providing portfolio management services primarily to individuals and companies.

We develop and implement investment strategies tailored to each individual client’s needs and risk tolerance. All client portfolios are customized using high-quality investment products.  We do not utilize generic “one size fits all” model portfolios.  We take into account each client’s tax situation in developing his or her portfolio.

We utilize advanced “Monte Carlo” statistical modeling to help each client understand the likelihood of achieving his or her financial goals, as well as the steps he or she can take to increase that likelihood.

Our investment philosophy is disciplined and academically based.  Our approach merges Nobel-prize winning research with real-world considerations.

We serve high- and medium-net worth clients throughout the United States.  The majority of our clients are located in California and Utah.

Most of our clients are the kind of “high-net worth” individuals that have traditionally been served by the investment adviser industry. We also offer our services to “medium-net worth” investors that the industry traditionally has not served.

While we do not provide legal or tax advice, we employ investing strategies designed to minimize the amount of tax paid by our clients. Many of our clients make significant annual charitable donations of 10% or more of their income. For these clients we are able to employ further strategies to assist in minimizing their tax liability.

Jacobs Equity was founded by Jeff Jacobs. We rely on our unique backgrounds in statistical modeling and tax minimization to increase our clients’ after-tax returns.