What We Do

While some clients have unique needs that may require different approaches, the approach we employ for most clients can be generalized into the following steps.

Analyze Client’s Financial Status.  We review and analyze a client’s financial situation. The scope of review varies from client to client. Generally the review takes the form of a questionnaire and/or conversations with the client. Conversations can occur in person or by phone.

We offer a complimentary portfolio review service for investors interested in getting a second opinion on their portfolio. As a result, in many cases we are already familiar with a client’s portfolio.

Identify and Quantify Future Goals.  The most common future need for which clients seek our advice is retirement funding.  Other common needs include:

  • Saving for a down payment on a house;
  • Funding a child’s college education;
  • Funding a partnership capital call;
  • Seeking a return on trust money; or
  • Producing income to be passed on to future generations.

Some clients cite tax minimization as a goal.  We incorporate tax minimization strategies in each plan that we develop.

Develop an Optimized Investing Strategy.  Taking into account the client’s financial status and risk tolerance, we develop an investing plan that provides the client with the greatest opportunity to achieve his or her future goals.

Developing a plan is an iterative and time-consuming process that involves our investment background and experience, our review of the latest stock market research, our analysis of current market conditions, our expertise in tax minimization strategies, our existing relationships with brokers and custodians, and use of quantitative modeling tools.

We do not curtail the strategy development process by simply recommending a “one size fits all” model portfolio.

Implement the Plan.  We constantly monitor the client’s portfolio over time, making adjustments to ensure it continues to represent an optimized and tax-efficient approach to meeting the client’s future needs.

We directly invest client assets.  We do not outsource the investment process to outside 3rd party advisers.