Why Choose Us?

Why do clients choose Jacobs Equity?

  • Fee transparency. We have no hidden or surprise fees or charges. Our fee is competitive and easy-to-understand.
  • We carefully scrutinize the services and fees of our brokers and custodians, saving our clients money.
  • We have developed an investment strategy that relies on the best research of the last fifty years, but also recognizes its assumptions and limitations.
  • We use high quality, efficient investment products.
  • We have experience managing accounts for a diverse array of clients and their particular circumstances and situations.
  • We are a fee-only adviser, which means our only interest is your best interest. We don’t have the same conflicts of interest that affect many other advisers.
  • We are independently owned. Our advice and recommendations are free of the conflicts of interest faced by representatives of larger firms with affiliated investment companies or products.
  • We personally manage all client accounts. We are not a conduit to another set of advisers. We make all management and investment decisions. We deal with our clients directly.
  • Our expertise. We have a deep and thorough background in several areas important to our clients’ after-tax performance, including quantitative modeling and tax minimization.
  • We do not charge an up-front or setup fee. We do not charge a surrender or “transfer out” fee. The only fee we charge is an easy-to-understand quarterly management fee.
  • We are able to help our clients better understand the steps necessary to reach their retirement goals. Our clients report having a more concrete understanding of risk and return, how various asset classes fit into their portfolio, the amount of money they should invest each month to reach their goals, and the likelihood that their current pace will allow them to achieve their goals.